Since my first memories I can recall being captivated by imagery, by the world we observe with our sight, with all its colour, form and motion. Then there are the images we can’t really observe together with others, those we see more often with our eyes shut. Sometimes they are formed by the human mind, other times by the lingering light as we close our eyes. Images can create a space to swim in, to let go of ourselves in. They can make us feel a variety of emotions as our mind scrambles its libraries to give meaning to them. Everything changes with the observer, with consciousness, which is also in tune with our latest understanding of reality as we know it.

Over time I’ve been inspired by so many things, yet most, even significant ideas are fleeting. The image remains the same, but our feelings about it and our understanding of it too may not remain constant. In saying that, it’s probably correct to think that the images themselves can make a better statement than I can make here, existing as records, brought back from a single or several moments.

One thing that hasn’t changed much is my passion to explore what photography can do to enrich the human experience. It would also be apt to mention here that most of my work is intended for large format print, making it easier to connect to.

Thank you for being here.

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